Introverst vs extroverts

There is two different types of the people. Some are extroverts and some are introverts. I think that this is a good, different types of people is good thing. It’s something like the two genres of sex. it’s not good that all are similar, the difference of people is richness and strength.

Image 1. Extroverts vs introverts.

The introvert view

I have read the Bill Gates’s book that published in 1995. He had very good vision, also he was the World richest man back to then. He said that some people change the World by making babies, some people change the World by changing the systems. Some body said that Bill Gates was a king of nerds in back to then. [1]

Bill Gates was a great leader, who has and have very good ideas about changing the World. Maybe that is why he is so successful man. He’s very creed, but still have lot of empathy and wisdom.

My view

I had long time a view that world is wrong. but now I had changed my mind. I understand that I have to change myself for the world. Something was wrong with me. Now I am a religious man, after understanding about limitations of myself. [4]

For some people the corona time is very hard times, but not for the all people. I think that this time is good for me, so many things had changed to better in my life. Also there is some other people that haven’t seen any bad changes in their life. [2]

I hadn’t had any relationship with any woman when I graduated from University. That was very hard time for my mental health. It’s terrible hard to realize that correct place for me was in a gas chamber. Maybe things are going to better in my life, but still I’m little bit psychotic personality. [3]

Best things with in Corona

Greatest thing with the corona is that we don’t have any sport in TV! Now we can watch a TV without anything like it. Also there isn’t any unnecessary meetings anywhere, no with EU and other institutes. Also I can see and get more a friends easier, because we don’t have any bars and restaurants open.

I was praying God to change the World. God answered for me that thing will change to better, and that happened [4]. After that some God showed the light for me, it was like a promise of something better [5].

After Corona

Greatest hope for me is that people will understand each others. I really hope that people understand what is be a alone man in the World. Also I hope that people will understand how hard it is to be a extrovert. [2]

For example for me this time is the best time in my life. Actually I haven’t feel mentally as healthy as now for ever. Everything is good and I have more friends than ever. My worst time was when I was a young man. I was very sick by mentally, I was all the time losing my mind. It was a terrible times, but now everything is going to better and easier. I just want this time will never end.


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