COVID-19 is a new black plague

There is a new global illness that is a great or global crises too. It’s not just a small problem of health care system, because it will have even gigantic impact for both of private and public sector of all sectors in the all countries on the Earth. This would be similar pandemic that we faced 102 year ago in World War One times, switch was called as Spanish Flu. There was 20 M – 100 M deaths in this time, but population was around 2 G people- one quarter of today world population. For example this blog is just a little bit over 1 G bytes (1 byte * 1024^3 = 1 GB and 1 byte = 8 bits, 1 GB = 8 Gb).

Spreading all over the world

Coronavirus has been found from most of the countries on this planet. Asia, EU, US, and Africa. All these have meet this terrible virus. Maybe it’s impossible to stop this virus. It’s moving like a steam train, slowly but on sustainable speed all over in to the world. This makes it very similar to Black Plague in medieval times. People can make it slower, but people can’t stop it. [1]

statistics spoiler
Image 1. Corona Virus cases on Logarithmic Scale. [1]
Image 2. Corona Virus cases by top countries in end of 2020-04-02. [1]

There is like a three different options to the future. First one is that we will vanish the virus easily like in China and South-Korea done. Another option is that this is like Spanish Flu. The third option is a Black Plague option, where the virus stay for long time with us. In this case we just must to live with that virus for hundreds years. [2]

#1 China’s way option

If everything goes perfectly this problem would be solved soon. China got the problem in control quickly, same happened in South Korea too. In theory that means it would be possible in other counties too. Many countries are doing more strict quarantines, hoping that the virus will slow down the speed of spread in the world population. I’m not very optimistic, but I hope that I’m in the wrong with my vision.

#2 Spanish Flu option

If things are going in worst way and keeping the current trend, then the second option will become a true. Health care lost the control and the virus got most of the people infected. There will be even hundreds of millions death for this pandemic. Maybe there is uncontrolled rebelling and wars in the future. Still this will end in next two years or some years at least.

Image 3. Corona virus can be just like the Spanish flu.

#3 Black Plague option

Third option is a same what was in medieval times. Black Plague or Black Death was some years a pandemic, but there was similar illness multiple times after that. Also there was different types of plagues before Black Plague. It was time when people drank beer all the days to keep their bodies disinfected [4]. Most of the door knobs was made of antibacterial material like bronze. People wasn’t allowed to move freely. This dark medieval time took 1000 years. Are we facing something similar again?

Image 4. A doctor’s consume in Black Plague. [5]
Once Upon a Time spoiler

Impact to the societies

There is three different vision that could be possible. All these are just like a hypothesis, but still possible vision. No one know the truth. Only God know what will happen for us. Probably the nature has made the bat plague, so only nature would know what will happen. This virus will have a random mutations and a random changed in the behavior of the future viruses.

Not so kosher diet.


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