New Normal

Like Finnish says: ”new day, new tricks.” [4]

Sometimes it’s good to have a different view for things. Maybe it’s a religious view ask an enemy to solve the problems. Ask from the enemy what they think about everything. When you read history, then you realize it’s have been happened multiple times in history. It’s very common thing in any independence war.

”Simple Generic”

My favorite project in my whole career is Simple Generic template that you can seen from the next presentation video. I have been done from static a template page.

Video. Simple Dynamic template. [1]
Dynamic HypeTextMarkup spoiler

”Today, references to unobtrusive JavaScript coding (DOM Scripting) have replaced the usage of the term DHTML.” [7]

Image. ”IMAGE 3.1 CSS styles invigorate HTML documents.”.[6]

It’s good that Malaysia isn’t on debt collection as Indonesia. They are good people and good countries. Also Pakistan is a very good country, I just ordered my handmade shoes from Pakistan. [2]

I think that some hundred thousand isn’t very much if the country have hundreds million people. It’s more about foreign policy, unpaid money is just like one euro-cent from the one person in personal life. It’s just a different way to mark the country as black listed.

Pakistan spoiler
Image. Hand made shoes from Pakistan.

I think that people believes that difference is bad and wrong, it’s on our genes. Some people thinks that way more and some people less, but most of us think very much in this way.

Sometimes I found that nobody knows does the war based on genealogy or culture. Is the war against each other of us coded on our genes, or does it have been innovated sometimes. War is the act when huge amount of males work together to destroy all males of another ethnic human group that is called as a genocide.

Image. Victims of genocide in 1994.
Total War spoiler

Japanese people are know of they excellent soldiers. It was the time when people haven’t invented an atomic bomb. After that time war wasn’t as nice thing to solve the problems. Nazis stop to develop atomic bomb in Second World War. They had potential to develop it, but they never done it. Ex-nazis continued they work of V2 rocket on Apollo Program in USA.


New Opportunities

It’s time to have a new opportunities. I had worked on companies, where all employers are males. It’s time to see differences when there is more females as my colloquies. I think that both of these have own pro and con sides. I’m working with Microsoft Technologies [3]

Microsoft spoiler
Video. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
Video.Visual Basic for DOS
Video. Loading 4K BASIC IDE
Video. Bill Gates Praising Apple Computers
Image. Brick vs. interfacePhone 3G vs. HTC Touch HD


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