WEB camera

Testing the new web camera. Also I’m telling about the most important western philosophy.

Video. Testing the new Web Camera. [1, 2, 4]


”Deterministic theories throughout the history of philosophy have sprung from diverse and sometimes overlapping motives and considerations. The opposite of determinism is some kind of indeterminism (otherwise called nondeterminism) or randomness. Determinism is often contrasted with free will.” [4]

Video. Pray.[3]


Video. beginning for studies.

As a curiosity I have the ’<BR/>’ shirt. Br comes from the word break without vowels. Hypertext markup documents have a great questions in standardization. It is the magic that is included on a text document by pressing Enter from your keyboard. [5]


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[2] Newton’s Principia
[3] Wiki: Dualism
[4] Wiki; Determinism
[5] StackOverflow: HTML 5: Is it <br>, <br/>, or <br />?


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