Lobotomy is a treatment that can make people more similar with the less intelligence humans. After the person loss some of the mental abilities, then she/he will be more cooperative with other humans. Some people have more advanced brains, so they have more mental problems.

Video. Successful lobotomy cure; like a new woman on the right.
Brains Evolution spoiler
Image. Brains Evolution. [4, 5]

We have a similar brains with Galago. It’s looking at human on the next Image. ”Hi, you sympathetic human! We have a similar brain chemistry.” [6]

Image. Galago looking at human.

Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage has been seen as the first lobotomized person in the history. He was a railroad worker, who got a steel rod trough his head in an accident. An explosion shoot the rod, but he survived from it. There was a high skilled doctor Edward H. Williams, who gave him first aid. [1]

Image. Skull image of Phineas Gage. [2]

”Mr. G. got up and vomited; the effort of vomiting pressed out about half a teacupful of the brain, which fell upon the floor.” [1]

Image. Phineas Gage with the rod, like a new drunkard, [2]

Mental Health Care in Finland

Image. Torture in Finnish Hospital. [3, 7, 8]

”After World War II, corpses from surrendered areas were buried in the cemetery. The cemetery was first expanded in the early 1930s and the next time in the mid-1940s.” [8]

”The shock therapies in general had developed on the erroneous premise that epilepsy and schizophrenia rarely occurred in the same patient.” -Treatment Without Consent: Law, Psychiatry and the Treatment of Mentally Disordered People Since 1845 [10]

”Kraepelin, for example, saw as a symptom of early dementia that the patient required psychiatry to prove his authority to act as a psychiatrist and refused to say anything about himself.” -Expert in the Mental Health Care

Video. Whitewashed movie of Finnish Asylum after World War II. [8, 9]
Holocaust Tycoon spoiler
Video. Holocauster Tycoon 2 (Reupload).
Video. Holocauster Tycoon.
Video, Holocauster Tycoon 1.5.


We have a neuroleptics, so there isn’t need for this kind of treatment. It’s called as a chemical lobotomy that destroys dopamine system. It effects via D2-reseptors, switch are response of keep dopamine system alive. When dopamine system decreases effect, then the person lost some of the motivation and change all the positive feelings to misery. [3]

Insane Asylum in 1800s spoiler

There was an idea that mental illness is something that could be cured in the end of 1700s and early 1800s. People build a beautiful asylums for insane people. They done everything to cure people that had a mental illness. Later this kind of idea has been lost, people realized that mental illness is something that is impossible to cure in 20th century. [12]

Image. Insane Asylum in 1800s. [11]
Image. Insane Asylum in 1800s. [11]
Image. Insane Asylum in 1800s. [11]
Image. Insane Asylum in 1800s. [11]
Image. Insane Asylum in 1800s. [11]
Image. Insane Asylum in 1800s. [11]
Image. Mental health problems in 1800s.
Image. Insane Asylum in 1735. [12]
Hitman spoiler
Video. Hitman tutorial.
Video. UZI How it Works.
Video. UZI submachine gun Shooting.
Video. How a Desert Eagle works.
Video. Desert Eagle pistol Shooting.
Video. AK-47 – How this rifle works! (Animation).
Video. Kalachnikov assault rifle shooting.
video. StG 44 Nazi assault rifle.
Video. 3D Animation: How a Beretta M9 / 92 works.
Video. Beretta 92 with silencer.
Video. ow a S&W Model 500 works.
Video. Snipex Alligator 14.5×114. Made in Ukraine..

If anyone have opportunity to have a hand gun, then society will be more equal. With out a respect of others and possibility to protect own rights in the society people don’t treat each other equally. Things changes when all the people have guns then even most mentally ill people will be part of the society. Who will do something harmful and insulting, if they would get a shot from the person? Possible they deserve it.

”God created man, but Colt made them equal.”



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