Mafia Remake

Mafia is a great part of the 1930’s history in USA. Black suited people of the Mafia have got under they own control the whole country; all the sectors from police, court and government was managed by mafia. It changed history more than people could understand, but everything happened underground. The world would be very different with out these organized criminals in the history. Probably we would’t recognize the USA we know today. I mean the country that is a record maker in social problems. ”Things I’ve seen…”

Europe spoiler
Video. Adolf Hitler: Speech at Krupp Factory in Germany (1935) | British Pathé.
Video. Projections of Life: Jewish Life before World War II.
Image. Stereotype of Jews.
Image. Stereotypes of the Human Races.
Video. Mafia Remake part 1
Part 2 spoiler
Video. Mafia Remake part 2
Video. Mafia Remake part 3
Video. Mafia Remake part 4
Video. Mafia Remake part 5
Video. Mafia Remake part 6
Video. Mafia Remake part 7
Video. Mafia Remake part 8
Video. Mafia Remake part 9
Video. Mafia Remake part 10
Mafia spoiler
Itse pidin tästä pelistä lapsena, erinomainen juoni.
Itse pidin tästä pelistä lapsena, erinomainen juoni.
If Doom was done in 2011 spoiler
Video. If Doom was done today
Video. Ultimate Doom.

Organized criminals in Finland

”At the same time, the chief constable saw that the other man had a gun. The man pointed at a police officer with a .45-caliber Colt pistol in his head and pulled him in front of him for protection. At times, the man pointed to the chief constable with a gun.” [1]

”The commander-in-chief told the court that when a bullet hit his left hand, the blow felt as if he had been hit with a slap.” [1]

Video. Colt 1911 in 3D animation
Video, this weapon have a long story.
Video. Why Buy A 1911.
Image. Italian Mafia’s weapons. [2]
Image. American-Iralian Mafia.


[1] YLE: Criminals got a Finnish Police Officer to a hostage
[2] The Local: Italian court opens door to jailed Mafia boss’ possible release


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