Fake Evidences

Sometimes people want to be in correct so strongly that they will use a fake evedence. When you check the evidences enough closely and critical way, then it’s oblivious that something is based for the fake evidences. [1, 8]

Good fraud

Fraud is based for something real, but under the surface it’s a fake. Criminals try to make people do something that is against them or someone else. [2]

Good fraud is based for a good fake proofs, something that is impossible to have any proofs against it. It’s impossible to proof logically that Gd does not exist. If something is NULL, then you cannot say anything logical about it, it’s undefined. [3]

The map have been painted with the color that have been recognized first time in the 1801. It’s a titanium dioxide mineral, switch have not been invented in the time when map is painted. It’s a common mineral in Italy. [1, 8]

Dark Medieval Times

I had a talk with the Persian/Iranian friend in Vaasa. She is amazed how short and small history Finland have. If the Persian history is around thousands pages, then Finnish history is around 20 pages. She is a humanist studying politics in Finland.

I have tried to explain to her that it’s quite similar with the other parts of the Europe. There is unbelievable low amount of the information from the dark medieval times. Maybe Catholic church have an information that no-one else knows, probably not.

Video. 15K Man Siege Battle: Jerusalem’s Final Stand

I must agree that the written history have been a huge advantage for the cultures that have adopted it. Finnish culture would be amazing, but we don’t just have a lot of evidences. [4]

I tried explain that Finnish Language have huge amount of foreign words that aren’t use anymore in other Languages. Finnish people haven’t indented all these words alone? [5]

Finnish people must has had a cultural exchange with many languages. We have even Iranian Language based words like omena [6]. Have the Finnish people invented this word? Even she said that the Germanic people have believed to have a historical connection from thousands years. [4]

Crazy Man Discovered America

It’s just so hard to believe that America have been found for a mistake. Crazy Spanish man loaded some ships and tried to find a new sea route to India by a short cut thought Atlantic.

For mistake Columbus survived, and then come back to Spain. Even Columbus haven’t said in his times that he have discovered America. Other people later have said so. Politically this is very hard thing for Italia and some other countries. Even Nordic counties don’t agree that view.

But what we really can say if we don’t have any proofs against this view? But what it means that we have some proofs about something? Which one is in correct?

State that never existed

There is a billions of books that explain foundation of Israel, the holy land from the god for Jews. It’s the main evidence, but everyone don’t believe for it. Some people says it’s just a story. Some people thinks it’s 100 % – absolute true.

Image. The Exodus From Egypt.

Some countries like Persian Iran doesn’t recognize Israel. Persian is very old culture that have very old roots in the history. Also it have a very long written history, but they couldn’t recognize Israel. Even they believes in the same God, but don’t accept Israel as a state. [7]

Everyone can have the own mind. Does people do they decision by the sense? Or just for a political perspective? Not for the right and justice? For me this is a very hard religious question.


That’s about successful hoax.


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