We all have something interesting in our own history, if you just find it out. All of us are children of winners and victories, we are survived to this times hundreds and thousands generations, or even more. It’s good to know own history. For me it’s amazing to share a same Y-chromosome with the lombardian man. Maybe it not the worst possible father in the humand kind.


There isn’t evidences that Finns has been vikings, but geological have found the sword that was from the king of superpower Byzantine Empire Constantine VIII’s personal body guard’s weapon that has been brought to Mynänmäki in Finland, probably it has been brought here from Black Sea area. [8, 27]

Image 1. Germanic tribes, called as barbarians In Roman Empire. [9]

Lombardi is a tribe that was a very different compared to all other Germanic tribes. Rome haven’t opposite Lombardians move to Italia. Why this happened? I think our image about Lomardians (Winnilis) is totally wrong in this time. [18, 26]

Image 2. Lombardians migration to Italia. [1]
Image 3. Lombardian women in Italia. [9]

I think that lombardian people was very well liked people in Roman Empire. It’s impossible that they fought lot of against Roman people. Also there isn’t much evidences about fighting. Actually Germanic tribes has an alliance with Rome that they will not attack against Rome. Lombardian doesn’t had this alliance with Rome, they wasn’t Germanic tribe in Classical antiquity. [26]

The Kingdom of the Lombards.

It’s just impossible that Lombardian get in Italia by war. Or if it really happened it was something very different type of war than Germanic tribes tried. Why all Germanic tribes just kept they own positions while lombardian people moved in Italia and founded the Kingdom of the Lombards? [18]

Written history of Europe.

Beging of the written Finnish history

Finland is like a blind spot for other Europeans, they don’t know anything about our country. I heard from my Polish friend that they thought that Finland has been full of dragons back to then. It was a little bit sad because Swedish supported Finnish soldiers must fought without any good reason in Poland, because Swedish had they own war against Poland [11].

Image 4. Vinland map before inventing a compass. [25]

For me it was interesting to realize that Poland supported Finnish peasants against Swedish. My past is in these respected peasant people, so it’s actually very nice to understand an new thing from own Finnish past [37]. It was like a civil war in 16th century, where the official Polish King of Sweden Sigismund III Vasa supported Finnish people and Finland has an own independent country. [17]

Image 5. Family tree before Isoviha in Jewish service myHeritage. [21, 22]

This is something they don’t teach for us in elementary school. Finns has had even a possibility to have an own country by support of Polish king, but Finnish want to stay on another king of Sweden Charles 14th side, unfortunately Finns peasants fight against Finnish own Swedish supported leaders and army. Norsemen (?) was the Vikings in the history. We call Sweden as ”Ruotsi” in our very old Finnish language. Finnish word ”Venäjä” (”Russia” in English) have same root with the proto-Germanic word /ˈwi.ni.ðɑz/ that means Slav people, it comes from the proto-Indo-European word *wenh₁- that means ”to love” in English [23, 24]. Finnish are very loyal to use old word. Finns must to stay like as slaves under Germanic kingdom of Sweden, but our own leaders made this idiotic decision. The written history from 16th century is very speculative, it’s like a begin of our written history. [17]

”Charles IX, also Carl, was King of Sweden from 1604 until his death. He was the youngest son of King Gustav I and his second wife, Margaret Leijonhufvud, brother of Eric XIV and John III, and uncle of Sigismund who was king of both Sweden and Poland. By his father’s will he got, by way of appanage, the Duchy of Södermanland, which included the provinces of Närke and Värmland; but he did not come into actual possession of them till after the fall of Eric and the succession to the throne of John in 1568.

Both Charles and one of his predecessors, Eric XIV, took their regnal numbers according to a fictitious history of Sweden. He was actually the third Swedish king called Charles.

He came into the throne by championing the Protestant cause during the increasingly tense times of religious strife between competing sects of Christianity. In just over a decade, these would break out as the Thirty Years’ War. These conflicts had already caused the dynastic squabble rooted in religious freedom that deposed his nephew and brought him to rule as king of Sweden.

His reign marked the start of the final chapter of both the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.” Google Arts and Culture [38]

Under and behind the slowly but on long-time development under the Kingdom of Sweden. Russians tried to conquer Finland unsuccessfully, they said that Russians done two never forget and always memorized genocides (Isoviha[12] and Pikkuviha[13]) against Finnish population while Swedish army couldn’t to protect Finnish people. Russia had long time to expand their country all over the world, mean while Finnish developed slowly. Isoviha is the main source for the hate of Russian in Finland. Some times later Finland was Grand Duchy of Finland as an autonomous part of the Russian Empire [14]. Swedish army is like a joke today, Finnish aren’t waiting any attacks or military support from the west [15, 16].

In World War 2, maybe it was same on war with Germanians vs Romans.

I learnt from my elementary school that the time of Russian Empire was a very good time in the Finnish history, Russians really respected Finnish people as Slavic people. Sometimes Finnish people was starving because Finnish leader don’t want to ask a food support from Russians, but probably it was Finnish leaders own fault. Also there was lot of worst starving when Finnish was in the Kingdom of Sweden. When Finnish was in Russian Empire that wasn’t anything like Poles had in Soviet Union in the Stalin time. Russia also gave us the independent country called as Finland.

Finnish never attacked against Russia as much as Germany probably wanted in World War 2. Actually Finland wasn’t well prepared for Winter War, Finland and Russia made peace when Finland haven’t anymore war equipment. Finns was the Aryan Super Soldiers race in Nazi propaganda, it was based on a research of languages before any DNA research we have in today. Finland kept the independence after World War 2.

Ryssän kauhu, Winter War based game about the Stalin time. [19]

Finnish soldiers had Maxim M/09-21 machine guns in Talvisota. It was a very useful weapon against the Soviet soldiers on battlefield in World War 2. Finnish people talk frequently about an Finnish SMG [29].

The Maxim Machine Gun
Finnish anti-tank weapons

Of course the story about dragons wasn’t a true. Maybe Polish got the idea from our tar production that was produced as a protective product for wooden ships. It was a great nation secret in medieval times. Finns has been always quite innovative people, last the great innovation was Nokia Inc. [10]

Still we like to ask from foreign people about Finland, especially people in USA don’t know where Finland is located. Finnish people like to be a shy, loyal, secret, and have a low profile personality. We got our poor self-esteem from our past under the Kingdom of Sweden. All evidences about the Finnish history before 1520’s is extremely valuable, probably we have a greater history than we really could realize. [20]

Written history of World.

Finland have a great history, but most Finns itself doesn’t know it very well. Probably it’s something do with our culture, we like to be a super hideous people. Maybe it was very good decision hundreds years ago. Lot of information has been forget, and we haven’t wrote our history on written form. Some other countries and people speak about their best part of population, but in Finland we care and are proud of about our worst part of our sub-population. Maybe it view about succession of the society. [28]


The best thing that could happen in Finnish foreign policy is that Karelia become an independent country including Vyborg, and maybe Murmansk too. Also it would be a great progress for Karelia Area future. For Russians it will decrease borderline that they must protect by their own defense force. It would be a very neutral Finnish-Russian country that Russian don’t need to be scary about. Ofcourse it should happen peacefully, it should been seen as better relationship and partnership with Finnish and Russians. It would decrease Finnish dependency to Sweden.

Everyone is talking about Finnish partnership in NATO, but I don’t think is as good thing as people believes. It would just decrease Finnish security. Maybe it’s good for USA and some other western countries. Probably Swedish people belives that Finnish is better defense than Nato. Finland looks like a bait for Russia on their fingers.

Image 6. NATO is enlarging.

My Y-chromosome

Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on y-kromsomi1.png
Image 7. My paternal line on 23AndMe service.

”Your paternal line stems from a young branch of I-M253 called I-L22, which likely arose in the last 3,000 years. I-L22 is most common in Northern Europe, but a recent study found that this haplogroup was present in a significant portion of the Partecipanza population living in San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy.

The area of San Giovanni in Persiceto was involved in a migration period in 728 AD, when it became part of the Lombard kingdom, under King Aistulf. San Giovanni in Persiceto was only under Lombard rule for 48 years, after which the Lombards were defeated by King Charlemagne in 776 AD. There are several characteristics of San Giovanni in Persiceto that link it to other Lombard settlements. For instance, some research suggests San Giovanni in Persiceto was the seat of a Lombard Duke between 750 and 800 AD. It is possible that the Lombards who ruled over San Giovanni in Persiceto played an important role in the introduction and growth of haplogroup I-L22 in the region.” [2, 3]

”The Kingdom of the Lombards (Latin: Regnum Langobardorum) also known as the Lombard Kingdom; later the Kingdom of (all) Italy (Latin: Regnum totius Italiae), was an early medieval state established by the Lombards, a Germanic people, on the Italian Peninsula in the latter part of the 6th century. The king was traditionally elected by the highest-ranking aristocrats, the dukes, as several attempts to establish a hereditary dynasty failed. The kingdom was subdivided into a varying number of duchies, ruled by semi-autonomous dukes, which were in turn subdivided into gastaldates at the municipal level. The capital of the kingdom and the center of its political life was Pavia in the modern northern Italian region of Lombardy.” [4]

Image 8. Lombards in C. AD 600. [4]
Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä; Tiedoston nimi on FamilyTreeDNA_N123854.png
Image 9. Someone have also same haplogroup with me on Family Tree DNA service in my birth place. [5]

The Tree of Life

Image 10. The Evolution Tree of Life.

Western people thinks that everything happens linearly. It’s just too short view of the life. Typically best result would be gotten by an iteration process. Like polices and criminals are improving each other, or like Swedish and Finnish people are competing with each other, developing all the time better solutions. It’s very common in life, the same process is happening with animals including humans, but it’s in the whole ecosystem too.

Maybe you would think that’s the reason for a two sexes; males and females? Actually it not true, there is more than just the two sexes. Some animals can change the sex in the life time, or even the whole body like a butterfly does. There isn’t any natural law that says there is just the two sexes, nothing is limiting it into the two different sexes. [39]

Spread of life isn’t linear.

”Genes from a virus that was stitched into the human genome thousands of years ago are active, producing proteins in the human brain and other tissues, according to researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Laval University School of Medicine in Quebec, Canada.” [31]

Image 11. Family Tree of Coronavirus. [31, 32]

We have a great part of our own DNA from viruses. Some virus genes are even active, without any disase or illness [33, 34]. For example Alzhaimer disase is linked to the Herpes virus. Hepres Virus based Cold Sores aren’t as fatal anymore, as it was in medieval times. Still the Herpes virus could produce dangerous and fatal proteines in a human brains. [35]

”I realize very well that I’m not a very success man in my personal life.” -administrator [32, 36]


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